We suggest good sleepness from HIRAKATA-city

Importance of sleep and effecting on our life.



Have you ever though the importance of sleep and the effecting on your life and suffered from sleeping trouble?



We take a sleep 6~7hours in average and do various recovery of body and mental.



The biggest recovering effect for body is promoting immunity from virus.



Why does the sleep have deep relationships with immunity?



The immunity is connected with hormone and the hormone is connected with sleep.

In particular, in first non REM sleep, which is first deep sleep, human body secrete growth hormone. It brings about the function of recovery of cells.

So if the function doesn’t work well, you will be easier to get sick and in bad shape.



In addition to this, these are apprehensive points:

・Hormone fall into disorder and gain weight more easily.

・Not being able to refresh due to sleepiness

・Daytime performance and work efficiency decreasing.

・Traffic accident and mistakes in working increasing. 




Sleep has deep relationships with hormone, so adequate sleep brings about appropriate hormone secretion.



As we can see these, sleep has a lot of good effects.



Then, how do we get good sleep daily life?



First of all, we have to make sure of enough time that you can sleep.

In these days, Internet and technology have rapidly developed.

By this, we get big benefits, like SNS. On the other hands, we become to going to bed late day by day because of temptation of Internet, so you have to make your time to sleep.



Additionally, most important thing is preparing comfortable bedding like pillow,mattress and blanket.


Good bedding meaning that not only the bedding which makes you good feeling, but also the one that match your body.

However, it is so difficult for us to find the bedding which have these points, so it is one solution that custom bedding for individual.



Recently, custom bedding shops are increasing, and there are a lot of shops in Osaka.

Even though, most recommended custom bedding is “Sleep Smile” in Hirakata city.



There are two big selling points!

First point is that you can ask clerks who have professional qualifications about your sleeping problem.

Second point is the most important!

That is English OK in consultation!



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